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We assume that you are viewing this page because one of your connections has the MBizCard and you want to learn more about it. Here's the best part, because you visited this page, you are going to get a SPECIAL GIFT!

Through this page, you are can get the MBizCard STARTER PACKAGE for FREE!!!

Our goal for 2019 is to help people take their business to the next level. This $50 per year gift is yours with no strings attached and no credit card required. Note, you MUST use the links below on this page to claim your FREE Gift. If you go to MBizCard.com you will have to pay either $4.95/month or $49.95/year for the Starter Package.

Key Features of the MBizCard

Want to learn more about what you are getting before you get started? We don't blame you. In order to be THE Mobile Business Card, we had to make sure that our Starter Package provided enough value that users would start using it emmediately. For that reason, ALL MBizCards have the following features:

  • Easy to SAVE and SHARE: There are buttons on the bottom of every card that are easy to click and allow users to download your MBizCard to their homescreen and contact list. In addition, they can SHARE your MBizCard by sending an Intro Email, a text message, and on social media via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • 1-Click Contact & Directions: Users can easily click a button to Call, Text, and Email you. In addition, if you have a physical address, that map is embedded directly into your MBizCard! For someone visiting your MBizCard from a tablet or computer screen, you phone number is clearly displayed so they can quickly call you.
  • Add Unlimited Website Links and Social Media Profiles: A menu feature is editable for all users. Inside the menu, you can easily categorize and add links to multiple websites, landing pages, surveys, online meetings, and of course your various social media profiles.
  • Edit key information on your MBizCard: In addition to adding website and social media links, you can update your profile picture, logo, YouTube video, and bio section anytime. The bio section even allows you to use Rich Text formatting which means you can use bolding, line breaks, bullet points and much more. Make sure you take advantage of this feature and keep people updated with what's new in your world.
  • Responsive Design: The purpose of the MBizCard is to promote YOU ... not ads or other services. Therefore, we want to make sure that YOU are the focus of your card whether people visit it from their phone, tablet, or computer. This is extremely valuable since you can easily share your MBizCard in the signature line of ALL your outgoing emails. This means people are likely to visit from a wide variety of devices.

New Bonus Features for ALL Accounts

Below are a couple features that were recently added to the Starter Package.

Edit Color Scheme

You can now change the color scheme of your MBizCard. This allows you to make sure your MBizCard compliments the brand of your organization. All you have to do is log in to your dashboard, click either the Widget or Row you want to recolor and make the changes as needed.

Upload Resources

Sometimes you just need to share a promotional PDF, Word document, spreadsheet, or an audio/video file. These files should NOT contain personal or private information, but if they are under 50MB each, you can upload as many as you would like and add their links to the menu of your MBizCard.

Recent Reviews of the MBizCard

Want to see what actual users are saying? Check out these recent reviews before you get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this truly a FREE Gift?
Yes! The Starter Package is valued at $49.95/year or $4.95/month. If you visit MBizCard.com, you can purchase the Starter Package from there. However, if you get started through this page today, you can claim your MBizCard account and you will NEVER be charged for the Starter Package! In fact, you are not even asked for your credit card.

When does my FREE Gift expire?
Never! MBizTools has been providing the MBizCard to users since 2013 and the MBizCard was first created in 2012. We point this out so that you know it is a stable service and one we plan on providing for years to come.

How Can I Share My MBizCard?
Great question. All MBizCards come with a dedicated "Share" page. This is designed so that OTHER people can make an introduction to you. Since this is designed for 3rd Party use, we have created a "New Leads" page for you as well. On this page, you can fill out a short form of key contact information and click submit. On the complimentary Starter Package you are receiving, an email will be automatically sent out with a nice message and a link to your MBizCard. The email is sent on YOUR behalf so it looks like it is coming from you. People can even reply to it and you will receive the reply email. In addition, you can easily share it by email, text message, or just posting the link on your social media profiles.

Are there any upgrades I have to purchase?
As mentioned above, we will not request you to submit your credit card during any part of your account creation. The Starter Package, which you are getting, is able to stand alone and help anyone grow their business. Once your MBizCard is generated, you will be invited to join us for an Onboarding Webinar. During that call, you will learn how to use, edit, and most importantly share your MBizCard. We will also touch on the various upgrades available in the event they interest you. You can learn about many of them by vising MBizCard.com. These add-on features are only designed to enhance your MBizCard and are not required to utilize the MBizCard as a tool that can help you network more effectively. Below are the add-ons you can select after you get started with your FREE MBizCard:

  • Ability to easily share your card through the power of text message marketing
  • Ability to edit SEO settings and add tracking codes to your MBizCard
  • Ability to capture unlimited video reviews from your clients
  • Ability to embed 3rd party script codes allowing for external forms and even shopping carts to be shared right through your MBizCard
  • Ability to create unlimited personal cards

Do you provide training so I know HOW to use the MBizCard?
Yes! We offer two types of training. We have videos on the support page that cover how to make updates to your MBizCard. In addition, we provide at least 3 LIVE Q&A sessions every week where you can get on the webinar and ask questions that will be answered during the call.

Is the Online Scheduling Feature part of the MBizCard?
No. We decided that it should be a separate platform because different organizations have their own solutions for this that their team needs to use. As a result, the MBizScheduler is part of MBiz.Pro. You can easily add that feature on to your MBizCard and the MBizCard was designed so that you will be able to easily add all your meeting types and surveys. For now, let's get your FREE card up and running and we can discuss this on a support call or during a Q&A Session.

What kind of results can I expect to get by using the MBizCard?
This question really varies based on the user. We know that answer sucks, but networking requires action! If you get any business card but do not take initiative to share it with anyone, it is not going to do you any good. This is a tool designed to provide value to both you and your network. What you will find is some people will have seen one before and know exactly how to connect with you through it. Others will need to be told why they should use your MBizCard as a means to connect with you and make introductions. That answer is simple, your MBizCard provides people with an EASY way to save your contact information without having to type it into their contact list.

Can I see everyone who has downloaded my card?
Not through our dashboard. There are third-party platforms that you can add to the Header Section of paid accounts that help track users. However, we have experienced pushback from people when trying to force a feature like this. For starters, many platforms that allow this require a unique URL to be sent to every different person who views your card. What they are tracking is the data on that unique link. This because annoying to have to track and send for the user and is often more effort than it's worth. The MBizCard provides you with a unique URL that reflects your name and is able to be shared anywhere. The other way of implementing a feature like this is to require users to "log in" when they first visit your card. People are becoming more careful with where they share their contact information. We have found that users are more hesitant to access the cards when forced to log into them.

What if I have another mobile business card?
No worries, but we encourage you to check out our card and claim your FREE gift. There are 2 reasons you want to do this. First, we believe you'll like our card better (we're a little biased). Second, we are working on building a special directory and discussion forum for all users and this will work with a number of networking groups that want to partner with us. Through these groups, you will need to have an account with some MBizCard package. If you claim your complimentary account today, you'll be able to network more effectively and join the discussion.

What will happen if I upgrade in the future and then potentially downgrade?
When you upgrade or downgrade a package, your current subscription is cancelled and you start over with the new package. In the event that you want to upgrade or downgrade during the middle of an Annual Subscription, we will normally work with you to prorate your subscription. Since you are being Gifted the Starter Package, there is no proration available if you move to an Annual Subscription Upgrade. That said, since you are being gifted this MBizCard, if you ever wish to downgrade back to this package in the future, you will be provided it for FREE again and will not need to pay the $49.95/year or $4.95/month.

Can I delete my account anytime?
Yes! If you decide that you do not want people to connect with you, simply contact us and we will remove your account from the system. Please note that if you do this, anyone that has access to your link will no longer be able to connect with you. Please note that if you do get started with this FREE Gift and you delete your account, you will have to invest in the Starter Package in the event you want to ever reactivate your MBizCard. We point this out because there is no reason you really need to delete your gifted account.

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